Water Treatement Service in Northeastern Wisconsin and the Greater Green Bay Area



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Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems provides the following services:

Free Home & Business Water Analysis:

Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems provides FREE home and business water analysis in our coverage area. Tests included are hardness, iron, pH, nitrates, TDS, hydrogen sulfide, tannins and copper. We can also detect iron and sulfur related bacterias.  

Laboratory Water Tests: Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems also perform water tests that require a laboratory. We obtain a sample of your water and deliver it to a lab to test for a variety of other impurities. There is an added charge for this service.  

•Consulting: Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems can recommend types of equipment that will solve your various water problems. We can show you how the various equipment will work together to solve the problems.  

•24 Hour Emergency Service: Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems offers 24 hour emergency service featuring factory certified repair technicians that can diagnose and repair water softeners, filters and drinking water systems. We also repair many other brand units as well.  

•Parts & Supplies: Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems carries replacement parts, filters, soft water soaps, chemicals and cleaners, and salt.  

•Salt Delivery Service: Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems offers home and business salt delivery service. We don't just deliver the salt, we bring it into the house or business and will even fill your unit upon request.