Who is Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems



Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems is independently owned and operated.   We began in 1964 with the Lindsay Company as Lindsay Soft Water in Sturgeon Bay and Kewaunee. In 1979, as Lindsay Soft Water, we expanded our territory and moved our operation to Two Rivers and became known as Bay Lakes Lindsay Soft Water. In 1994, we opened our Green Bay office along with the Two Rivers office and officially changed our name to Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems.  We have been servicing commercial and residential softeners, multi media filters and drinking water systems for over 50 years. Initially, we began servicing only 2 counties. We now service over 9 counties.

Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems is a full-service water treatment company. With over 10,000 customers, we specialize in treating water for residential as well as commercial applications. We have salt delivery service and factory certified repair technicians.

Bay Lakes EcoWater Systems carries a complete line of water softeners, multimedia filters and drinking water systems manufactured by EcoWater Systems

Who is EcoWater Systems


 EcoWater Systems, Inc. had its’ beginnings in 1925, when Lynn G. Lindsay received his first patent on a valve for the automatic control of water conditioners. Since the beginning of EcoWater Systems as the Lindsay Co., the firm has grown to be the largest manufacturer of residential water conditioning equipment in the world. During this seventy plus year history, the company has developed many “firsts,” including automatic valves, fiberglass tanks, electronic controls and has many patents from distillation systems to electronic water meters.  In 1983, the company purchased the water Refining Company of Ohio and its two well-respected brand names...Miracle Water and Servisoft. EcoWater Systems, Inc. was established in 1988 to encompass all brands under the EcoWater name.

EcoWater Systems’ products are designed, produced and marketed through four plants in the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. Over 500 employees produce a variety of water treatment systems that range from small drinking water systems for the residential use to skid-mounted systems for industrial purposes. Total facility square footage is 431,350, devoted entirely to water conditioning and support services. EcoWater is unique, as it manufactures over 95% of its own products and components, assuring you the highest level of quality control, production control, delivery and consequently...a cost competitive product with the highest quality possible in the industry.